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As of July 6th, 2021

Content Update 2021-07-06: Pugmire!
Secret of Vinsen's Tomb

Welcome to the Fur-Tastic Realm of Pugmire!

A cat living in Pugmire disappears, but neither the police dogs nor the cats of the Cat Quarter know why. When zombies attack the heroes, however, all signs point to an invasion by the Monarchies of Mau. But how does this intrigue tie into the lost tomb of the first king of Pugmire?

Secret of Vinsen's Tomb

The Pugmire Jumpstart - The Secret of Vinsen's Tomb is now available for play on Astral TableTop. This Astral module comes with all the ready-to-play maps and encounters; along with pre-generated characters and automated character sheets. It also offers helpful tips and tricks for GameMasters who are new to Astral TableTop or VTTs entirely.

Pugmire utilizes a modified 5th Edition ruleset, so longtime D&D players will find it easy to pick up and many of the mechanics will feel familiar – Jump into the campaign today!

Merchant Spotlight 🔦

Game Tile Warehouse

Meanders Maps use a system of multiple repeating exit/entrance points to ensure the pathways always line up with Meanders Maps for continuous, interchangeable terrains that feel random and sprawling for adventurers to explore.

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Studio WyldFurr

Each pack includes a collection of 300+ art assets designed to give Game Masters a simple and easy method of creating their own adventure maps. Simply drop each map tile onto the map canvas, one by one, to build up a dungeon to explore.

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100+ Animated 3D Battle Maps by Lion Banner Games

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Planar Scion Tokens

Sci-Fi Battleground tiles

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