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As of April 05, 2021

Enhance map making with canopy layers, new pregen characters for every 5th edition class, better grouping of map layers, plus 120 new tokens for supporters, and over 560+ new assets on the marketplace!

Canopy Layers

What lies beyond the trees? That is for you to see!

Game Masters can now drag layers above the Dynamic Lighting layer which will prevent these layers from being obscured by Dynamic Lighting. This allows you to add a new dimension to your maps such as setting up an ambush beneath the treetops without your player characters ever knowing.

See it in action in less than a few minutes below!

D&D 5E Expanded Class Templates

We've expanded our Ready-To-Play content for 5E! GMs can now create characters of any class from Level 1 through level 5, and additionally level 11.

Class Templates

These character sheets contain class-specific automation, such as built-in Rage bonuses for the Barbarian and automated spell Actions for casters. Every character has equipment, skills, spells, and feats appropriate to their class and level. They can be run just as they are: Simply assign them to your players, let the player change the character name, and they are ready to play! Of course they can also be used as the basis for more personalized characters simply by editing class features, spells, gear, and so on.

Investigators Beware, More Call of Cthulhu Content

Are your investigators itching to dive into the next discovery? Let us help you leap into the unknown with three more ready-to-play scenarios from the Call of Cthulhu Starter Set, available for purchase on DriveThruRPG for use on Astral!

Call of Cthulhu

From missing books to trapped evil, if 'ya like Jazz', this pack is for you!

New Assets for Paid Supporters

More adventurers await in this week's release for paid supporters. Gain access to 120 new tokens that include savage barbarians and blessed paladins. As always, you can always buy these assets individually on the marketplace.

New on the Marketplace

This week we released over 560+ assets and audio for you to use in your games. Check out the latest releases this week!


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