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As of March 29, 2021

New assets for everyone, new Pathfinder modules, and many exciting changes coming soon!

The “So Much New” Content update!

We’ve got a lot of exciting news to share with you this week, so let’s get right to it.

Join Our Quest

Astral is expanding our talented team to help build the future of virtual tabletop roleplaying. Are you ready to join our party? We’re currently searching for a marketing specialist and software engineer.

Check out our careers page for more info.

Pathfinder Second Edition “Sundered Waves” now ready to play on Astral

Working in cooperation with DriveThruRPG and Paizo, we’ve made the latest adventure, Sundered Waves, available for purchase as an Astral module.

Sundered Waves

This adventure comes complete with maps, characters, and interactive puzzles, complete with automation. You can purchase this module for your Astral account on DrivethruRPG.

Thanks to community member LaMorte for consistently showing us how adventures run better on Astral!

Jules & Ben’s Animated Assets, now available for everyone

This is the JB2A free offering, packaged for your convenience for use on Astral. Contained in this pack are 150 high-quality animations for different spells and effects to enhance your game.

Cultist's Magic demonstration 1

These assets are seriously amazing, and we can’t thank Jules and Ben enough for allowing us to provide this convenient access to these animations to the community.

Cultist's Magic demonstration 2

As stated, this collection is free for all community members. Check them out in the JB2A Sample Animated Pack in game and in the editor.

JB2A Pack

If you appreciate these contributions and would like to support Jules and Ben, please check out their Patreon and consider becoming a patron.

Game-Changing Improvements in Beta

You’re walking through the woods at night and your phone is dead. But what is that figure beyond the trees?

Serious improvements to how we handle Dynamic Lighting and tokens are being tested by our Beta team. These changes include the ability to create rooftops and canopies to be displayed above the Dynamic Lighting layer, and some very cool visual enhancements when interacting with tokens:

The Forest

This new approach to layers allows for unique visual effects to be applied in-game, such as simulating exploration within buildings:

The Forest

We’re hard at work refining this feature and nailing down the last few issues. We could use your help in the meantime, so please consider joining our beta team!

Interested in becoming a Beta Tester? Email [email protected] for more information.

We hope you enjoyed Subscriber benefits!

We’re glad so many people came to try out Astral during our GM’s day promotion, and hope our community enjoyed the Subscriber benefits provided from GM’s day week through to this weekend.

Want to keep the adventure going?

Upgrade to a Gold or Platinum account and save 10%-17%!

Until the end of the month, upgrade your account using GOLD10 or PLAT17 to save 10% on a Gold Yearly account or save 17% on a Platinum yearly account.

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- Team Astral