What's New

As of March 4, 2021

The complete Astral Experience, unlocked for all through March 15! This and more in today's announcement.

Happiness! Free for everyone, and no one goes away unsatisfied!

We’re not simply referencing Roadside Picnic, it’s what’s happening right now on Astral! To celebrate GM’s Day coming up, Astral has opened up all it’s paid supporter features for everyone. If you haven’t tried Astral, now is the perfect time; tell your friends!

From now through March 15, all of Astral’s subscriber perks are available to everyone until March 15. Enjoy an expansive collection of map assets, expanded action bars, and more.

The following perks are being unlocked for all:

Feel free to use all of these features in your game. Any content used to create your game will remain in your game after this period ends, though you will no longer be able to add more of the featured content after this promotion ends.

We can’t wait to see what you create for your party. Game on!

Beta Testing Site Enhancements

Sitewide performance and stability tests continue to be underway in beta! What this means for you is that once the beta team is done identifying possible issues of these upgrades, a more stable, performant and overall better experience will be introduced to the community, with no delays or bottlenecks during peak hours.

In the future, this will open the door to a lot of possible improvements such as better vault management (characters, assets, maps) and overall better search engine. These are just some of the doors opened by these architectural changes. We’re very excited to be making progress on this important project, and thank the beta testers who are taking part!

Interested in becoming a Beta Tester? Email [email protected] for more information.

📣 We're Listening

We're continuing to look at the forums for feature requests, support tickets, and Discord to hear what you all have to say. Please don't hesitate to reach out and voice your feedback. Our table always has an open seat, let us know what you think.

That's all for now!

Thanks for reading and for being a dedicated Astralnaut! We look forward to bringing you more updates from the Astral Plane.

- Team Astral