What's New

As of June 05, 2020

Drawing tools almost ready for beta, Star Trek Adventures now available, and new packs for Pro!

Drawing Tools

Very exciting update for Drawing Tools. We’ve made some serious progress building the freehand brush tool. Take a look 👀

Screenshot of drawing tools

Draw anything you want on the map using colors or even FX. Even better news, we should have this tool available for beta users as early as next week!

As a GM, you will be able to manage permissions and visibility of each player’s drawings.

We plan on releasing more tools for drawing soon after this, so stay tuned.

Set Your Phasers to Stun!

Earlier this week, we launched another official Astral module, Star Trek Adventures by Modiphius.

Star Trek Adventures

Take your campaign off-world for the Star Trek Adventures quick-start campaign, Away Mission - Signals, complete with everything you need to run the game, from characters to in-app tracking of Threat and Momentum. Show us what it takes to wear a Starfleet uniform!

A sincere thanks to Archmage Rysith for this incredible adventure.

New Packs for Pro

New packs (260 assets) are available this month for all Pro members! Check them out below.

Thank you

We are extremely proud of our community for raising \$500 for the Minnesota Freedom Fund and other organizations that support Black Lives Matter. As promised, we have matched each of your donations and more.

Thank to all that have donated and showed your support these past weeks. We are happy to do the small part we can.



Thank you to everyone who reported issues this week.

In Progress

We continue to work diligently on your requests and feedback; please let us know your thoughts on Discord or the forums.

Official Adventures From Your Favorite Publishers

We wanted to leave you off with a little teaser this week. With the recent addition of Star Trek Adventures, we are beginning to ramp up production to bring you more official adventures on Astral.

That's all we can say for now, but we're very excited and hope you are too.

📣 We're Listening

We're continuing to look at the forums for feature requests, support tickets, and Discord to hear what you all have to say. Please don't hesitate to reach out and voice your feedback. Our table always has an open seat, let us know what you think.

That's all for now!

Thanks for reading and for being a dedicated Astralnaut! We look forward to bringing you more updates from the Astral Plane.

- Team Astral