Meet The Team

We're a small and dedicated bunch on a mission to make tabletop roleplaying accessible to everyone.

Thomas Lackemann


Tom is an enterprise developer turned tabletop-fanatic. After playing his first game back in 2017, he decided to go all-in and build Astral TableTop to make tabletop gaming easy for everyone.

Fun Fact: Tom enjoys cooking and regularly makes his own hot sauce and beer.

James Long

Site Reliability

James joined the Astral in 2018 and has been instrumental to fulfilling the needs of our users. From managing site reliability to customer support and outreach, James should be a familiar face - say hi sometime!

Fun Fact: James has been playing video games since the 8-bit era, from Duke Nukem to Doom!

Angel Piscola

Software Engineer

Angel joined the Astral team in January 2019 and has been a major driver for many of the features and fixes in Astral today. Angel is a dungeon master and avid programmer, dragons and bugs beware.

Fun Fact: Angel owns at least 20 board games and tries to play them as often as possible.

Jon Irons

Growth Wizard

Jon joined Astral in April 2021, spearheading our community building and growth initiatives. Combining years of experience with a lifelong love of tabletop gaming, Jon’s channeling a Haste spell on the Astral party.

Fun Fact: Jon repairs and collects vintage pinball and arcade games, his goal is to someday find a 1987 Dungeons & Dragons pinball.