Valentine's Exotic Hero Pack 1

by Valentine's Exotics

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Characters of various races and various uses/roles. Can be used for player's characters, NPCs, enemies... whatever use you have for them!

Included Assets (28)

F Artificerhuman, pistol, darling
F Barbariantriton, hatchet, trident
F Clerichalf-elf, quarterstaff
F Roguehalfling, knives
F RogueKenku, Rapier, Shield
F Wizardhuman, book, spell
M ArtificerGoliath, Hammer, Suitcase
M Artificerhuman, suitcase, trenchcoat
M BarbarianEarth-Genasi, Battleaxe
M BarbarianDragonborn, greatsword
M BattlemasterHuman, Sword, Shield
M ChampionHuman, Swords
M ClericFireGenasi, Scythe
M ClericHalf-Elf, Sickle
M DruidHalf-Elf, Staff
M FighterHuman, Fists
M FighterElf, Longsword, Shield
M FighterDragonborn, Trident
M MonkTortle, Tonfa
M RangerElf, Longbow
M RangerYuanti, Longbow
M RangerKobold, Shortbow
M RogueHuman, Sword, EDGELORD
M RogueHuman, Knife
M RogueHuman, Cutlass, Crossbow, Swashbuckler
M SorcererTiefling, Whip, Pink-Dagger
M SorcererDragonborn, Magic, Winged
M SorcererTiefling, Dagger