Creature Tokens Pack 1

by Forgotten Adventures

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We've decided to make tokens for every official 5th Edition Creature! + some bonus ones, like Ducks or Rabbits like you can see in this pack :)

All tokens are in DOUBLE our usual resolution (400dpi) just in case you need a bigger version (for example Enlarge spell) you wont lose any detail :)

This pack contains All CR 0 Creatures in alphabetical order from A to F plus couple bonus tokens:

Rabbits (No official CR),Ducks (No official CR), Giant Rat (CR1/8), Swarm of Rats (CR 1/4), Giant Badger (CR 1/4), Giant Frog (CR 1/4), Elk / Stag (CR1/4), Swarm of Cranium Rats (CR5)

All tokens are available in various color variations.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or ideas for future content you can join our Discord where you can also get some sneak peaks of what are we currently working on :)

This pack and all of our content is possible thanks to our wonderful Patrons and everyone that decides to support us by buying one of our packs here, Love you all and thank you for your support! ^^


Included Assets (78)

AlmirajCR0, Small, Beast
Awakened ShrubCR0, Small, Plant
Awakened Shrub BlueCR0, Small, Plant
Awakened Shrub GreenCR0, Small, Plant
Awakened Shrub OrangeCR0, Small, Plant
Awakened Shrub PinkCR0, Small, Plant
Awakened Shrub PurpleCR0, Small, Plant
Awakened Shrub RedCR0, Small, Plant
Baboon BlackCR0, Small, Beast
Baboon BrownCR0, Small, Beast
Baboon GrayCR0, Small, Beast
Baboon WhiteCR0, Small, Beast
BadgerCR0, Tiny, Beast
Badger BrownCR0, Tiny, Beast
Bat BlueCR0, Tiny, Beast
Bat BrownCR0, Tiny, Beast
Bat GreenCR0, Tiny, Beast
Bat PinkCR0, Tiny, Beast
Bat PurpleCR0, Tiny, Beast
Bat RedCR0, Tiny, Beast
Bat TurqCR0, Tiny, Beast
Cat BlackCR0, Tiny, Beast
Cat Black SleepCR0, Tiny, Beast
Cat BrownCR0, Tiny, Beast
Cat Brown SleepCR0, Tiny, Beast
Cat GrayCR0, Tiny, Beast
Cat Gray SleepCR0, Tiny, Beast
Cat OrangeCR0, Tiny, Beast
Cat Orange SleepCR0, Tiny, Beast
Cat WhiteCR0, Tiny, Beast
Cat White SleepCR0, Tiny, Beast
ChwingaCR0, Tiny, Elemental
Crab BlueCR0, Tiny, Beast
Crab GreenCR0, Tiny, Beast
Crab OrangeCR0, Tiny, Beast
Crab RedCR0, Tiny, Beast
Crab YellowCR0, Tiny, Beast
Cranium RatCR0, Tiny, Beast
Crawling ClawCR0, Tiny, Undead
Crawling Claw BlueCR0, Tiny, Undead
Crawling Claw BrownCR0, Tiny, Undead
Crawling Claw GreenCR0, Tiny, Undead
Crawling Claw PurpleCR0, Tiny, Undead
Crawling Claw RedCR0, Tiny, Undead
DeerCR0, Medium, Beast
Deer SpotlessCR0, Medium, Beast
DuckCR0, Tiny, Beast
Duck MallardCR0, Tiny, Beast
DucklingCR0, Tiny, Beast
EagleCR0, Small, Beast
Eagle Bald BaseCR0, Small, Beast
Elk StagCR1⁄4, Large, Beast
Flying Monkey BrownCR0, Small, Beast
Flying Monkey GrayCR0, Small, Beast
Flying Monkey WhiteCR0, Small, Beast
FrogCR0, Tiny, Beast
Frog BlueCR0, Tiny, Beast
Frog BrownCR0, Tiny, Beast
Frog GreenCR0, Tiny, Beast
Frog PinkCR0, Tiny, Beast
Frog PurpleCR0, Tiny, Beast
Frog TurqCR0, Tiny, Beast
Giant BadgerCR1⁄4, Medium, Beast
Giant Badger BrownCR1⁄4, Medium, Beast
Giant FrogCR1⁄4, Medium, Beast
Giant Frog BlueCR1⁄4, Medium, Beast
Giant Frog BrownCR1⁄4, Medium, Beast
Giant Frog GreenCR1⁄4, Medium, Beast
Giant Frog PinkCR1⁄4, Medium, Beast
Giant Frog PurpleCR1⁄4, Medium, Beast
Giant Frog TurqCR1⁄4, Medium, Beast
Giant RatCR1⁄8, Small, Beast
Rabbit BlackCR0, Tiny, Beast
Rabbit BrownCR0, Tiny, Beast
Rabbit WhiteCR0, Tiny, Beast
RatCR0, Tiny, Beast
Swarm Of Cranium RatsCR5, Medium, Beast
Swarm Of RatsCR1⁄4, Medium, Beast