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Gen Con Online is here on Astral, July 30 – August 2

What is Astral?

Astral is the easiest way to play your favorite tabletop roleplaying games, right from your browser! Astral comes with everything you need to run a successful tabletop roleplaying game plus special tools to make the story come alive. Build battlemaps, unleash weather and visual fx on your players, and let the adventures begin!

What is Gen Con?

Gen Con is "The Home of Tabletop Gaming™" and the largest tabletop and hobby convention in the world! Gen Con is traditionally hosted in Indianapolis, but with health and safety concerns related to COVID-19 this year, the convention has moved online.
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Make sure you create an Astral account before Gen Con Online so you are able to participate in Astral games.

We also recommend watching Gen Con's best practices and tips for playing online.

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Join our Discord server to get instant access to help and support from the team and chat with other dedicated Astral users!

You can also check out the official documentation for Astral.

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Ready to take your games to the next level? Astral offers fun and immersive tools such as dynamic lighting, visual fx, and weather!

Learn how to master your way around Astral in a series of tutorials, coming soon.