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Astral makes creating characters and playing your favorite tabletop games easy.

Character sheets made for the digital age

Say goodbye pen & paper and hello to drag & drop. Astral comes with character sheets for many popular systems out-of-the-box. Make attack rolls and saving throws using dynamic character sheet actions or upload your own character sheets!

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It's easy to play tabletop roleplaying games on Astral

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Character Automation

Character sheets put incredible power at your fingertips. Automate attack rolls and save them to the action bar for even faster access.

Dice Rolling

Essential to every tabletop roleplaying game, Astral provides you incredible customization to roll dice no matter what system you play.

Live Chat

Send messages as yourself or your characters. You can format any chat message with markdown and add inline rolls using dice roller.

The Vault

Share your files across any game. Save your characters, assets, maps, and compendiums and reuse them in other campaigns.