Game online - rain, sleet, smoke, or shine

Astral is packed with tools to help you run immersive tabletop experiences.

Dice Rolling

Essential to every tabletop roleplaying game, Astral provides you incredible customization to roll dice no matter what system you play.

Character Automation

Character sheets put incredible power at your fingertips. Automate attack rolls and save them to the action bar for even faster access.

Live Map Editing

Reveal your world in real-time using the built-in map editor. Easily add interactions such as dynamic lighting, audio cues, and triggers.

The Vault

Share your files across any game. Save your characters, assets, maps, and compendiums and reuse them in other campaigns.

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Let there be lights!

Dynamic Lighting and Fog of War enhance your dungeon crawls. Allow your players to discover the world before them and uncover a world of mystery.

Customize Fog of War using a variety of fx. Try them out below.

OffStandardEnhancedFogFireNoxious FumesSpace DustWaves

Weather for all occasions

Astral comes packed with weather options to give life to your world. Choose from a variety of top-down or side view effects to fit your world's creative style.

Try out the available weather options below.

Rain Light (Top View)Rain Heavy (Top View)Rain Thunder Storm (Top View)Rain LightRain HeavyRain Thunder StormSnow LightSnow Heavy

Built-in Visual FX

Add extra levels of immersion. Let lights flood the sky or take a virtual trip out west.

Try some of the built-in visual fx below.


It's easy to play tabletop roleplaying games on Astral

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Bring life to your campaign maps and characters. Astral comes bundled with animated maps and tokens or upload your own.


Organize a playlist for your session using the built-in audio player. All connected players will sync and hear what you're playing.

Live Chat

Send messages as yourself or your characters. You can format any chat message with markdown and add inline rolls using dice roller.

Campaign Portal

Keep the story going between live sessions with play-by-post on your campaign's portal page. Post as yourself or from the perspective of your characters.

Manage Compendiums

Bring your own books. Upload compendiums to your campaigns and share with players or reference for yourself.

Audio Triggers

Drag audio files onto your map to play audio in a particular area. As players approach, the sound gets louder.

Map Triggers

Create interactive areas that can rearrange the map with the click of a button. Spring a trap or set the place on fire.

Initiative Tracker

Track and managed initiatives from everyone in an area. Players are automatically prompted when it's their turn.

Manage Maps

Spread your campaign across a vast world of intricate and detailed maps. Easily move characters between maps as your adventure unfolds in a new scene.

Tactical or Theater

Astral has full map support with character tokens, range ruler, square or hex grid, and more. Or place some background art to run a scene as theater-of-the-mind.

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